About Us

You want to stand out! It must be exclusive! Only fellow sneakerheads will understand that finding exclusive sneakers is such a challenge around the world, more so in the continent of Africa. We are embarking on a mission to closing that gap for the lovers of sneakers, especially access to exclusive sneakers you can only see and read about in magazines and websites. Introducing a platform by a fellow sneaker-head with the vision of bringing the latest sneakers to you. We want to contribute to the sneaker industry in SA and worldwide by bringing releases that will make you stand out. As this is the beginning stages of our journey, we are looking for opinions, reviews of your favorite sneakers and tell us what you would like to see in the future. The African sneaker scene deserves more variety in sneakers! No fake, b grades will be sold to you. Authenticity is key and we stake our reputation and a money-back guarantee on it.