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Created by Shigeyuki Mitsui back in 1990, the GEL-LYTE III broke the mould of conventional shoe design. At a time when high performance shoes lacked style, Mitsui-san wanted to create “the ultimate performance running shoe with the highest level of technology and function,” but one that was “visually pleasing unlike existing shoes at the time.”

The tsavorite is described as a gem that combines beauty, durability and rarity. Today the tsavorite remains one of the last truly ‘wild’ gems; no treatments or synthetics are known to exist.

Although the tsavorite has qualities which make it an extremely popular gemstone, it lacks adequate supply which has led to the gem becoming extremely rare.

A micro-perforated reflective 3M dominates the upper, representing the purity of the ring whilst the green leather sockliner subtly ties into the gemstone.

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